We re-invented the good old postcard

About XNiP

Back in 1861 a guy from Philadelphia had a really good idea about improving communications. At that time there was no way to send an economical, short written message. His solution was the invention of the postcard….where, for a small amount of money you could send a brief written note on a standardized blank white card.

Over time the postcard evolved from a short correspondence to a format with a picture of a specific moment combined with that of a short message.

Today more and more people send short messages via sms, email, social media, etc., but there is still something missing, engaging information. At XNiP we’ve figured out a way to optimize both actions. The simplicity of a postcard, combined with information that generates an action behind it and the immediacy of social media is what we now call a XNiP card.

Now every time you want to share a moment with a product or business, send a XNiP card!

After 150 years we have re-invented the good old postcard :-)